• Debt Glubczyce

    Głubczyce is a small town in the Opole province inhabited by 13 thousand. residents. The city's economy is based on agricultural and food industry, grown here mainly cereals, rape, corn, sugar beets and potatoes. Agriculture in the municipality of Głubczyce is developing very well and quickly – this is one of the most developed agricultural areas in Poland. This function […]

  • Debt Lubliniec

    Lubliniec is a city classified as a class A in terms of investment attractiveness. The city is home to several large factories. These are companies like: Lentex, TurboCare Poland, GAMRAT, Texlen, Miwo Military Lubliniec, Elhand, Ledapol, Polmar, Higher, Polymer oraz Enion SA. In the north-eastern part of the city operates Katowice Economic Zone where in the course of construction are 4 large plants […]

  • Debt Zdrój

    ,en 2 large mines Mine Borynia-Zofiówka-Hawks and Jas-Mos. According to CSO data in the Hawk-Zdroj in industry and construction were employed 62% active population. A major advantage of the city is good access to the motorway A1, national road 81 and the S1 expressway. Expertus Group is a rapidly growing […]

  • Debt Racibórz

    Racibórz is a small town in the province of Silesia situated on the river Oder, near the Czech border – is an important transportation hub, rail and road. Areas of the district agro-industrial, about 60% soils suitable for agricultural use which is very important for the region. Despite the lack of natural resources Racibórz is a city rich in industrial plants in the chemical industry, […]

  • Recovery of Bydgoszcz

    Bydgoszcz is one of the biggest cities in Poland. It is an important economic, cultural, academic, medical, Military and Sports. The city is a major road junction, rail and inland waterways in the country, has an international airport and river port. In Bydgoszcz operates several major companies in the world of electronic and IT, inter alia: Acts, Jabil Global Services, Teleplan, Tyco […]

  • Debt Gorzow Wielkopolski

    We offer comprehensive services for windykacyjno legal entities and individuals from Gorzow Wielkopolski. We mainly debt collection, redemption of debt, constant monitoring of receivables and legal services for businesses. Our biggest asset is the high efficiency – due to be developed by the 15 years of the procedures we are able to sense the debtor and adjust to the appropriate negotiation techniques. This does not mean […]

  • Debt Collection

    Expertus debt collection company offers its clients debt recovery at no charge – not charge advances, cover the costs of debt collection proceedings, cover the costs of judicial recovery. Led by our company includes service recovery actions to voluntary debt repayment, through arbitration proceedings through negotiation with the debtor. The collection activities included m. in.: verification of data, determine the details, […]

  • Recovery of Rzeszow

    We welcome all companies from Rzeszow to permanent cooperation involving not only ordering the recovery of individual cases, but also for monitoring receivables and supporting the activities of the company from the legal. Spółka Expertus, in addition to the recovery orders is also involved in buying debt. Repurchases of receivables not past due, arising from invoices, Agreements, accounts, ugód itd. We are interested only undisputed claims, […]

  • Recovery of Cieszyn

    Cieszyn is a city in southern Poland, located on the Polish-Czech border. The town is inhabited 35 thousand. residents on the Polish side and 25 thousand. the inhabitants of the Czech side. Cieszyn is an important point on the map of Europe transport, despite the small size, is a large cultural center, administrative, educational and commercial, especially for citizens of the Czech Republic. Location at the foot of the Silesian Beskid, […]

  • Debt Kalisz

    Kalisz is a city with county rights, the second largest city in the Wielkopolska region inhabited by 104 thousand. residents. The city is a major center Kalisko-Ostrowski Industrial District which groups together companies from the electrical engineering, chemical, Textile and clothing, building materials, Energy and mining. Kalisz running sub Wałbrzyska Special Economic Zone and industrial cluster enterprises aerospace industry, the largest […]

  • Recovery of Radom

    Radom is a city with county rights in the central-eastern Poland, famous for its organization of the International Air Show Radom Air Show – event combines demonstrations of aircraft from ground static exhibition of military equipment and presentations of companies in the aviation industry. The economy in the city is largely based on the armaments industry (Archer Weapons Factory, Grupa ROSA, Polish Group […]

  • Recovery of Bialystok

    Expertus a debt collection company providing services primarily in Bialystok in the field of financial redress, receivables management and support execution. All activities are performed in accordance with the law, which ensures the good name of the Principal and maintain positive relationships with clients. To meet the customers need quick cash injection, we offer you service the receivables purchase together with the associated […]

  • Recovery of Lublin

    Lublin is the capital of the province of Lublin and the largest city in eastern Poland, inhabited by almost 350 thousand. residents. The city has a special sub-zone economic, It covers an area of ​​land 70,1 hectares located in the immediate vicinity of Lublin Railway Junction and bypass Lublin (the expressway S12 / S17). The largest production facilities in the city include: Ursus S.A. – manufacturing company […]

  • Debt Olsztyn

    Olsztyn is the main economic, educational and cultural in the Warmia and Mazury. The economic development of the city lamented in the second half of the nineteenth century, rapid development of infrastructure and the rapid creation of new jobs meant that within 30 years the population has increased 4-fold. The city is also an important center of communications in the region, Olsztyn lead by three national highways and […]

  • Recovery of Zielona Gora

    One of the prettiest and most popular cities in the region Lubuskie is Zielona Gora. According to statistics, the city population of over 110 thousand. residents, which is more than 10% the entire population of the region. Economic development of the city favors proximity to the German border – to our western neighbors the city, most manufactured goods exports. Zielonogórska economy is the production of railway wagons, industry […]

  • Debt Jaworzno

    Do you want to recover their money from the debtor? No debt is not a problem for us! Company Expertus over the years their business has developed effective methods to improve recovery after today. Developed experience in the local market (mainly in Jaworzno) caused, that our activities allow for a faster recovery than the standard actions, such […]