• Wierzymy w skuteczne rozwiązania

    Wierzymy w skuteczne rozwiązania – debt recovery at the expense of the debtor. Dla wielu mniejszych firm, wszelkie dodatkowe koszty, w tym również koszty windykacji, są sporym utrudnieniem. Przedsiębiorcy często spisują dług na straty i rezygnują z dochodzenia pieniędzy od nieuczciwego kontrahenta. Sytuację zmienia obowiązująca od 28 April 2013 roku Ustawa o terminach zapłaty w transakcjach handlowych, according to […]

  • Miesiąc obsługi prawnej za 1zł

    Often amended and complicated laws make it necessary to give operators legal aid. In order to meet your expectations Expertus Law Firm of the Group entities in respect of their activities has broadly defined legal services. Spółka Expertus podchodzi z pasją do biznesu dlatego przygotowaliśmy specjalną ofertę która oferuje pierwszy miesiąc obsługi prawnej w cenie 1 zł. […]

  • Vindication Zory

    Expertus company conducts debt collection activities in the city Żor. The priority objective of the services provided by our company is to repay the obligations of the debtor in proceedings before a court or before execution. In the course of its activities in the region have completed hundreds of jobs, most of them leading to a positive outcome. Żory is a district town inhabited by more than 60 […]

  • Vindication Staszów

    Expertus is a debt collection company dedicated to comprehensive service debt and companies from across the Polish Staszowa. Entrusting us with activities related to debt recovery (at any stage of delinquency) almost always results in effectively completing the case in favor of the customer through mediation, as well as judicial and enforcement. The basic principles that guide assuming a recovery order:   lack […]

  • Vindication Busko-Zdrój

    Expertus for customers in Busko-Zdroj offers bezzaliczkową debt collection throughout the country. We are a modern company engaged in debt collection, debt trading and economic information for small and medium-sized enterprises. Its success is based on experience, legal knowledge and a close-knit team of employees. Our 15 years of experience guarantees a rapid recovery in the shortest possible time. […]

  • Vindication Jędrzejów

    Jędrzejów is a picturesque town situated on a plateau above the river lying Jędrzejów Jasionka. Of all the companies registered in most of the commercial industry is. Another place is well developed cement industry, metal and construction. In Jędrzejow successfully develop private sector companies, which successfully compete throughout the country, and even abroad. Spółka Expertus […]

  • Vindication Horse

    Of all the companies offering debt recovery in the Cattle stand out reliability, competence and extensive experience. We guarantee, conducted by us that recovery is very effective and does not affect the company's good relations with their counterparts. Although recovery is the main profile of our business, we also offer a range of other financial services such as buying debt or legal aid. Do not wait until […]

  • Vindication Pińczów

    Debt collection and debt repurchase in Pinczów company offers Expertus. We encourage you to use our services all companies having problems with debtors – instead of waiting until the debt will be barred, better to take appropriate action to enforce debts. Our debt collectors have good knowledge of the field Pinczów and companies operating in the city, which allows you to run fast […]

  • Recovery of Sandomierz

    Sandomierz is a town and municipality in Świętokrzyskie. The industrial part of the city, called Nadbrzeziem, lies on the right bank of the Vistula River and borders the Tarnobrzeg. The village is very beautiful and attractive tourist, This owes to the surrounding forests, ubiquitous vineyards and numerous well-preserved monuments. The company helps businesses Expertus Sandomierz debt recovery by offering a package of effective debt collection services. Led by […]

  • Vindication Skarżysko-Stone

    Expertus collection agency meeting the expectations of customers from Skarżyska-Stone who have trouble recovering their debts from the debtor. Recovery proceedings conducted by our company are characterized by high individuality taken actions and direct approach to the debtor. For more information or pricing, your claims, please contact us. Skarżysko-Stone is 3 largest city in […]

  • Vindication Tychy

    Expertus carried through enforcement actions leading to the arbitration of the recovery for companies and entrepreneurs from these. Using a variety of techniques, constantly press on the debtor and to inform him about the inevitability have a claim. Under pain to go to court, the debtor shall be invited to an amicable settlement and to sign the agreement, the repayment will be kept under review. Our company […]

  • Vindication Starachowice

    Starachowice debt collection leads Expertus Sp. z o.o. Our company has more than 15 years of experience in the industry, highly qualified staff, professional staff and a high percentage of positive cases completed. Our employees in any matter referred to the take off-road recovery checks Starachowic area and surrounding areas. Starachowice a historic center of the iron and heavy industry. […]

  • Christmas Greetings

    Let in the New 2015 the happiness and prosperity never leave your not, and faith every day gives strength and energy to create and implement new ideas. Peaceful Christmas wishes to you and the nearest Expertus Group

  • Recovery of the Holy Ostrowiec

    Ostrowiec Holy Cross is the second largest city in the province, inhabited by more than 70 thousand. residents. The city is a major industrial center, here there is a large iron foundry and metallurgical plant, several plants refractories, clothing and food plants. Well-developed printing industry and wood. Vindication in Ostrowiec, both amicably, judicial and enforcement deal […]

  • Recovery of Kłodzko

    Kłodzko county is the largest city – historical capital of the county Kłodzki. The town is inhabited almost 30 thousand. the inhabitants of which 6 thousand. are employed in the service sector. Kłodzka industrial situation does not present itself in a good light, unemployment is one of the highest and reaches up to 24%. The city serves as the administrative center of the local, Financial, educational and health center […]

  • Vindication Zdzieszowice

    Zdzieszowice is a town located in the central-eastern part of the county Krapkowicki Opole. The main trader in the city are Zdzieszowice Coke Plant, It produces 4 million tons of coke per year (40% national share). Zdzieszowic authorities continually strive to create the best conditions for investment in the commune. Actions in this area have been recognized by external bodies […]