• Recovery of Opole

    Expertus company for a long time has a solid position in the market for debt collection services Opole. Based on trust, which showed us the entrepreneur from Opole, We are convinced that the establishment of cooperation can bring real benefits, which will improve the financial condition of the company. Our many years of experience guarantee fast and efficient troubleshooting, regardless of the severity of the case, amount of the claim, degree and […]

  • Recovery of Krakow

    Krakow is 3 the largest economic center in Poland. In the city of Krak over 285 thousand. operators is established. A large number of entrepreneurs makes, that increases the chance of encounters with unreliable contractors and to cooperate with such entities often storm the financial stability of the company. Spółka Expertus oferuje usługi windykacyjne i prawne na terenie miasta Krakowa. Dobra znajomość lokalnego […]

  • Participants in the debt collection market

    All entities involved in windykowaniem receivables, debtors defaulting repayment and subsidiary bodies acting on behalf of entities operating in debt collection debt collection market participants call. It should be noted that in the process of recovery can take part of other parties, not listed above. The main actors present on the chart, market participants vindication

  • Debt collection – Advertising radiowa

    Below radio ad company Expertus KUPIMY YOUR LONG no paperwork with payment 'IN YESTERDAY ". Zwindykujemy your debts, FOR FREE, w 24 HOURS. We will add legal services 10 years FREE! and an attractive package of business training in the Swiss Alps behind 0 zł… Others promised you GOLDEN MOUNTAIN? We do not make promises that we can not meet! […]

  • Range of debt collection services

    Expertus company operating on the Polish market recovery for many years. Dzięki naszemu doświadczeniu oraz przejrzystej procedurze działania skutecznie rozwiązujemy problemy finansowe naszych Klientów w zakresie windykacji należności. We provide collection services throughout the country, oferując również naszym klientom możliwość przeprowadzenia windykacji zagranicznej. In Poland, We operate in the following cities: The Silesian Province: Classifieds, Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Zabrze, […]

  • How to save on VAT if the customer does not pay

    The obligation to settle the VAT on the sale of goods or services does not depend on whether the customer paid the debts, However, there are a few exceptions. If cooperation with the contractor consisted of the sale of goods, You can withdraw from the contract only if the other party has not made the payment for the goods received. Prior to the withdrawal, the contractor must appoint additional time to pay, only […]

  • Collection services

    Company Expertus offers you assistance in securing effective and recovery of receivables. Our offer includes a wide range of debt collection services, therefore we are able to fit the optimal solution for each notified case. We use a simple and effective procedures to facilitate the commencement of collection activities and shortening the waiting time for a refund. We offer the following collection services: Debt Purchase Claims Investigation […]

  • Treasury Debt Collection

    The concept of the Treasury is a concept of civil law – This means that it has legal personality and legal proceedings, that is, the right to sue and be learned in their court. In practice, the Treasury is subject to the same laws as any other business entity, It is in no way privileged and can not use public authority to achieve its economic objectives […]

  • Company

    Introducing the multimedia presentation / advertising company promoting Expertus collection services, below content and video from youtube Reliability. Effectiveness. Professionalism. It should be a trusted business partner! Expertus to 15 years of experience. We support our contractors in maintaining liquidity providing efficient debt collection and comprehensive legal, a large group of satisfied business is our best […]

  • The promissory note – way to secure a contract

    The promissory note is a type of personal security or on the order, in which the issuer agrees to unconditionally bill, that another person will promissory note to the recipient pay a certain sum of money (promissory routed) either alone promises, that the recipient pay the amount of the promissory note promissory note (promissory note). This is a convenient method of securing, however, need to have knowledge of how to effectively use it. The promissory note […]

  • Enforcing community property

    In some cases, the contractor, which includes a contract with you, liable for its obligations not only the company's assets but also their personal, own property. This happens in the case of a debtor who: alone is established is a partner of a civil partnership is a partner in a general partnership, partnership, limited joint-stock partnership and is a board member of a limited liability company. In the case of, when […]

  • Correctly received invoices

    Invoices must be received by the persons authorized, defined as a person representing the company. Often joint representation, ie the obligation to act two, three or more people both your – in this case, the invoice shall be signed by such persons together. As for the individual entrepreneur, it was he who is authorized to sign invoices. W praktyce […]

  • Purchase of receivables

    In the process of debt management in your company one of the possible decision is to sell any of your debts. Most debt collection companies have to offer the service of buying claims, to which you can decide if you do not want to deal with the investigation of claims from dishonest contractors. Such a transaction has its advantages, np. quickly recovering cash flow in the form of sales price. In […]

  • Bankruptcy debtor

    When the court declares bankruptcy your debtor, you need to start working as soon as possible, through which recover all or at least part of their duties. The first step should be reporting the fact to the judge-commissioner, that the debtor is declining owe you money. This operation is called the filing of claims and shall fulfill all the necessary formal requirements. The next step is to turn off pre-occupied property […]

  • The terms of limitation

    It should be remembered, that claim which occurs against a contractor, przedawniają się po upływie pewnego czasu w zależności od ich rodzaju Przedawnieniu podlegają wyłącznie roszczenia majątkowe, i.e., a, which in the first place lead to enlarge or maintain the current financial status of the person entitled. However, the employment relationship shall be subject to the statute of limitations also non-pecuniary claims - Art. […]

  • Regional Debt

    Expertus company based in Katowice provides collection services and legal services for businesses, businesses and corporations. The purpose of business is to improve the liquidity of companies by effective debt collection. We provide services throughout the Polish, in particular in the following cities: Classifieds, Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Gliwice, Ruda of Silesia, Bytom, Zabrze, Mining oak wood, Tarnów Mountains, Rybnik, Tychy, […]