Recovery of Rzeszow

We invite all companies Rzeszow for permanent cooperation involving not only outsource individual cases to debt collection, but also monitoring receivables and supporting the business from a legal. Spółka Expertus, in addition to orders recovery It is also involved in buying debt. Repurchases of receivables not past due, arising from invoices, Agreements, accounts, ugód itd. We are interested only undisputed claims, those which are recognized by the debtor's signature, the only exception where the signature is not necessary to interest paid after the due date.

Rzeszów It is the capital of the Podkarpackie Province, according to data of the City of residing in the city 184 435 residents. The city has an international airport and the Lower Carpathians Science and Technology Park focused on the industry of new technologies. Here there are two large state universities, three honorary consulates and former residence of Polish nobility. In Rzeszow expanding the production of household appliances, Food industry, clothing, building, Furniture and telecommunications, while the most developed here aerospace and pharmaceutical