Debt Collection

Expertus debt collection company offers its customers debt collection no charge – not charge advances, cover the costs of debt collection proceedings, cover the costs of judicial recovery. Led by our company includes service recovery actions to voluntary debt repayment, through arbitration proceedings through negotiation with the debtor. The collection activities consists of m. in.: verification of data, determine the details, make contact with the debtor and negotiation ability to repay debt, concluding settlements and monitoring the timely repayment of debt collectors, and personal visits field.

The advantage of our offer is an individual approach to each client – fix common scenarios collection activities and individual approach to the debtor and supported debts.

We have been trusted over 1000 customers, for which we recovered over 168 million of receivables. The company is located in Katowice, however, we do debt collection activities throughout the country and abroad. An important principle of our business is redress accordance with applicable law, while taking care of the good name and interests of the creditor.

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