Debt Racibórz

Racibórz is a small town in the province of Silesia situated on the river Oder, near the Czech border – is an important transportation hub, rail and road. Areas of the district agro-industrial, about 60% soils suitable for agricultural use which is very important for the region. Despite the lack of natural resources Racibórz is a city rich in industrial plants in the chemical industry, Machinery, energy, agri-food ( Handle, SGL Carbon, RAFAKO, Mieszko). It was here that the world-famous factory carbon electrodes ZEW (is still running). The level of raciborskie industry and the quality of its products provide ISO certificates and awards garnered at trade fairs worldwide.

The investigation of financial claims on behalf of entrepreneurs Raciborza an important part of the company's operations Expertus. Debt collection is the process of, where we know perfectly – we have more than 15 years of experience. With a professional team of employees we are able to help our customers in the most difficult processes of recovery and to other debt collection companies jawimy to be a very effective partner, which may confirm the positive testimonials of companies with Raciborza.