• New Web Site

    Introducing our new website. We hope to, improved layout that will be well received and the current distribution of information to better familiarize yourself with our offer. The website has also been updated with new functionality and adapted for display on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. We welcome your comments on pages, can be […]

  • Partner Handlowy Tests

    We offer you the opportunity to diversify into recognized market products dedicated corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. Welcome to cooperate with companies having their own sales structures, agency brokerage and financial intermediation, accounting offices, credit Bureaus, insurance agencies and other entities can offer their customers a wider range of solutions to support liquidity.

  • Kody QR

    QR Code QR code is an alphanumeric, square bar code used mostly in mobile systems. Encoded information after reading allow quick access to interesting customer data. Below codes debt collection company Expertus: first code takes the user to a web page, second code initiates a new email message, The third code saves a business card with contact details of

  • Book Identity

    Book Mark Book of visual identification of the company Expertus defines the general symbols and behaviors used in the company in order to obtain a clear and consistent identification of market,pl. This book describes all the components of the sign company's image - logo, instructions for its application, full color and basic media brand as letterhead or business cards.

  • Product Tender

    O Katalogu Poniżej przedstawiamy Państwu katalog z ofertą spółki Expertus. The catalog contains information about the company, principles of operation and the full range of our services – Preventative Measures, Debt Purchase, Power Enforcement and Investigation of Financial Claims. Kliknij w link aby pobrać Katalog Expertus w PDF