• Our Mission

    The aim of our work is effective vindication, improve liquidity, counseling and legal services

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  • Meet offer

    At the outset of trade cooperation with customers is very important to protect their own projects

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  • Online Registration

    You can report the debtor or make an offer sale of receivables using the appropriate form

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  • Moving Services free of charge
  • End of charges for recovery!

    • Representation
      We cover all the costs of legal representation
    • Entries court
      Credited costs of court fees
    • Cost of bailiffs
      We cover the costs of enforcement proceedings
    • We protect the debtor's assets
      We are looking for the debtor's assets and define its value
    • Litigation and enforcement
      We offer full service legal claims

Our Offer

  • About the Company

    Ladies and Gentlemen, with pleasure we present you with the offer of Expertus, specializing in providing comprehensive services in the field of debt collection and debt trading.

  • Why We

    • No initial fees and advances
    • Low cost recovery of debts
    • Effective and quick action
    • Comprehensive legal assistance
    • A specialized and experienced
    • Expert customer service

  • They write about us

Our Customers


  • RAFAKO S.A..

  • KGI Glomb Logistics


  • Ardagh Group