Guidance for the debtor

Do not panic

We want an amicable and quick solutions to the problems your financial arrears. The only thing you should do, is to cooperate with us and start paying voluntary commitments agreed with us conditions.

Carefully read the correspondence from Expertus

  • refer to the documents describing the claim
  • in the case of any ambiguity, prepare appropriate documents confirming its position

As soon as you glance debt

  • make a deposit by bank transfer to the bank account number given in the correspondence
  • after the transfer please send proof of payment to the fax number: +48 322044088

In case of inability to repay the debt

  • Call us to arrange payment of the debt to a phone number:
    +48 322044087
  • for the protection of personal data, counselors take the conversation only with correspondence addressed

Do not avoid contact

Lack of contact and repayment of debt that often results in the need to refer the matter to court and enforcement. Also at this stage, make an entry in the bank debt economic information.