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  • Miesiąc obsługi prawnej za 1zł

    Often amended and complicated laws make it necessary to give operators legal aid. In order to meet your expectations Expertus Law Firm of the Group entities in respect of their activities has broadly defined legal services. Spółka Expertus podchodzi z pasją do biznesu dlatego przygotowaliśmy specjalną ofertę która oferuje pierwszy miesiąc obsługi prawnej w cenie 1 zł. […]

  • Vindication Glucholazy

    Glucholazy is a small town in the district of Nysa located at the junction of Opava Mountains and Plateau Głubczycki. The area of ​​the city, there are several border crossings and the proximity of Czech towns makes in a well-functioning international trade. The largest employers in Glucholazy are: Factory Armatur ”Głuchołazy”, Industrial Fittings Factory ”Wakmet”, Głuchołaska Paper Plant, Schattdecor and Eurofarex. Specially […]

  • Debt Jarosław

    Jaroslaw city located on the border of two provinces: Lower San Valley and foothills of Rzeszów. Although the character of the town is a typical agricultural – 72% This area of ​​farmland, here there is a special economic zone – Euro-Park Mielec. Works are over 4000 operators, employing a total of over 16 000 people. Near Yaroslavl are up two motorway junctions – Jarosław […]

  • Debt Olkusz

    Expertus Company provides services in the field of debt collection companies and companies from Olkusza. Our company specializes in the recovery of claims of their clients in relation to entities and individuals. We also accept cases after ineffective enforcement officers and provide legal assistance at every stage of its activities. Our goal is to fully satisfy the claims of our customers […]

  • Recovery of Bytom

    For many years, heavy industry was the main pillar of the economy Bytom, worked here until eleven mines and two iron works. To this day,, There is only one mine – Bobrek-Center, and the areas closed plants were put into operation Bytom Industrial Park. Currently, the main area of ​​the economy in which trade is from year to year is becoming a larger share […]

  • Collection services

    Company Expertus offers you assistance in securing effective and recovery of receivables. Our offer includes a wide range of debt collection services, therefore we are able to fit the optimal solution for each notified case. We use a simple and effective procedures to facilitate the commencement of collection activities and shortening the waiting time for a refund. We offer the following collection services: Debt Purchase Claims Investigation […]