• Wierzymy w skuteczne rozwiązania

    Wierzymy w skuteczne rozwiązania – debt recovery at the expense of the debtor. Dla wielu mniejszych firm, wszelkie dodatkowe koszty, w tym również koszty windykacji, są sporym utrudnieniem. Przedsiębiorcy często spisują dług na straty i rezygnują z dochodzenia pieniędzy od nieuczciwego kontrahenta. Sytuację zmienia obowiązująca od 28 April 2013 roku Ustawa o terminach zapłaty w transakcjach handlowych, according to […]

  • Recovery of Transportation

    Debt Collection in the transport industry is extremely difficult, requires a professional approach to the issue, and a lot of experience debt collection company so we encourage you to take advantage of the offer of the Company which has Expertus 15 years of experience in the recovery of debts. Expertus offers bezzaliczkową debt collection for transport and forwarding. We also purchase debt service, that allows you to quickly change the debt […]

  • The new headquarters

    Ladies and Gentlemen! On 1 July 2014 r. change the current address Expertus Group. Welcome to our new headquarters at: Expertus company o.o. st. Tadeusz Kosciuszko 38 40-048 Katowice appeal to you with a request to transfer all correspondence only to the address above. Please also note, ZE numer NIP, TAX, numbers […]

  • Debt Collection

    Expertus debt collection company offers its clients debt recovery at no charge – not charge advances, cover the costs of debt collection proceedings, cover the costs of judicial recovery. Led by our company includes service recovery actions to voluntary debt repayment, through arbitration proceedings through negotiation with the debtor. The collection activities included m. in.: verification of data, determine the details, […]

  • Redemption of Debt

    We buy debts from business transactions or other documented sources (loan agreement, sale and purchase agreement, etc.). Terms individual transactions are agreed individually, depending on the condition characterized by a particular claim. The decision to buy the debts we give to 48 hours, and cash, you can not even get the date of signing the agreement. We guarantee that you will not find a better deal – pay […]

  • Collection activities

    Expertus company based in Katowice offers a comprehensive collection activities designed to make quick and effective recovery of our clients. Actions taken by our debt collection company in pre rely mostly on: attempt to resolve the matter amicably inform debtors about the negative effects of settlement obligations to debtors directing calls to determine the assets of debtors to pay for documentation needed […]

  • International Moving Services

    Many entrepreneurs is currently not only the interests of the country, but also beyond its borders. Until recently, foreign contractors were disciplined płatniczo, usually shed money within, characterized for the most part the reliability and regularity. Passes over a year as the situation has changed and increased the debt of foreign contractors. So that more and more companies began to enter service […]

  • Effective recovery

    The quality debt collection services offered by the company Expertus often goes beyond the existing market standards. We have a wealth of experience working with companies of different profiles of activity, which face different financial problems and operate in different regions of the country. So diverse nature of things given to us has prompted us to develop innovative methods of cooperation based on individual […]

  • Collection services

    Company Expertus offers you assistance in securing effective and recovery of receivables. Our offer includes a wide range of debt collection services, therefore we are able to fit the optimal solution for each notified case. We use a simple and effective procedures to facilitate the commencement of collection activities and shortening the waiting time for a refund. We offer the following collection services: Debt Purchase Claims Investigation […]

  • Purchase of receivables

    In the process of debt management in your company one of the possible decision is to sell any of your debts. Most debt collection companies have to offer the service of buying claims, to which you can decide if you do not want to deal with the investigation of claims from dishonest contractors. Such a transaction has its advantages, np. quickly recovering cash flow in the form of sales price. In […]

  • Regional Debt

    Expertus company based in Katowice provides collection services and legal services for businesses, businesses and corporations. The purpose of business is to improve the liquidity of companies by effective debt collection. We provide services throughout the Polish, in particular in the following cities: Classifieds, Chorzów, Sosnowiec, Gliwice, Ruda of Silesia, Bytom, Zabrze, Mining oak wood, Tarnów Mountains, Rybnik, Tychy, […]