Debt Lesser

  • Debt Tarnow

    The leading activity of the company is debt collection Expertus. We offer our services for entrepreneurs from Tarnow and surrounding areas. The basic principles we follow when taking the order to implement this: no initial fees and advances commission fee payable only at the time of recovery of the claim clear and simple rules for speed guarantees the recovery in the short term reliable […]

  • Recovery of New Market

    Expertus leading debt collection in Nowy Targ at every stage, regardless of the value of claims, date of creation or the scale of the difficulties. We offer debt collection combines a number of procedures and clearly distinguishable from other companies offer debt collection, focused on simple debt recovery or standard services law firm, that are not determined in the enforcement of receivables from […]

  • Debt Gorlitz

    Gorlitz lie on the northern boundary of the Low Beskid, according to data from the 30 June 2012 the city has a population of 28 628 residents. The city is a center for the oil industry, machinery and woodworking. In Gorlitz located industrial area subject to the Special Economic Zone EURO-PARK Mielec. Works here until 5 companies whose annual turnover is above 25 million, these include: Group […]

  • Recovery of Oswiecim

    Oswiecim is a town and municipality situated in the center of the Oświęcim Basin, in the Malopolska province. The city covers an area of 30 km², which is inhabited by 40 thousand. residents. Due to its location in the vicinity of three dynamic economic centers, Auschwitz is the optimal place for investment. The city has created a modern and innovative plastics processing plant fuel […]

  • Debt Chrzanów

    Chrzanów from the beginning of its existence was a city merchant. In later years the industry has evolved, mainly due to mining and smelting of lead and zinc ores. The importance of the trade in lead Chrzanowa provides mined from the name of the town the name of the weight of gold – centarius ponderis gravis Chrzanowiensis. The biggest development of industry and commerce came with the launch of the […]

  • Debt Olkusz

    Expertus Company provides services in the field of debt collection companies and companies from Olkusza. Our company specializes in the recovery of claims of their clients in relation to entities and individuals. We also accept cases after ineffective enforcement officers and provide legal assistance at every stage of its activities. Our goal is to fully satisfy the claims of our customers […]

  • Recovery of Krakow

    Krakow is 3 the largest economic center in Poland. In the city of Krak over 285 thousand. operators is established. A large number of entrepreneurs makes, that increases the chance of encounters with unreliable contractors and to cooperate with such entities often storm the financial stability of the company. Spółka Expertus oferuje usługi windykacyjne i prawne na terenie miasta Krakowa. Dobra znajomość lokalnego […]