Recovery of Silesia

  • Vindication Zory

    Expertus company conducts debt collection activities in the city Żor. The priority objective of the services provided by our company is to repay the obligations of the debtor in proceedings before a court or before execution. In the course of its activities in the region have completed hundreds of jobs, most of them leading to a positive outcome. Żory is a district town inhabited by more than 60 […]

  • Vindication Tychy

    Expertus carried through enforcement actions leading to the arbitration of the recovery for companies and entrepreneurs from these. Using a variety of techniques, constantly press on the debtor and to inform him about the inevitability have a claim. Under pain to go to court, the debtor shall be invited to an amicable settlement and to sign the agreement, the repayment will be kept under review. Our company […]

  • Debt Lubliniec

    Lubliniec is a city classified as a class A in terms of investment attractiveness. The city is home to several large factories. These are companies like: Lentex, TurboCare Poland, GAMRAT, Texlen, Miwo Military Lubliniec, Elhand, Ledapol, Polmar, Higher, Polymer oraz Enion SA. In the north-eastern part of the city operates Katowice Economic Zone where in the course of construction are 4 large plants […]

  • Debt Zdrój

    ,en 2 large mines Mine Borynia-Zofiówka-Hawks and Jas-Mos. According to CSO data in the Hawk-Zdroj in industry and construction were employed 62% active population. A major advantage of the city is good access to the motorway A1, national road 81 and the S1 expressway. Expertus Group is a rapidly growing […]

  • Debt Racibórz

    Racibórz is a small town in the province of Silesia situated on the river Oder, near the Czech border – is an important transportation hub, rail and road. Areas of the district agro-industrial, about 60% soils suitable for agricultural use which is very important for the region. Despite the lack of natural resources Racibórz is a city rich in industrial plants in the chemical industry, […]

  • Recovery of Cieszyn

    Cieszyn is a city in southern Poland, located on the Polish-Czech border. The town is inhabited 35 thousand. residents on the Polish side and 25 thousand. the inhabitants of the Czech side. Cieszyn is an important point on the map of Europe transport, despite the small size, is a large cultural center, administrative, educational and commercial, especially for citizens of the Czech Republic. Location at the foot of the Silesian Beskid, […]

  • Debt Jaworzno

    Do you want to recover their money from the debtor? No debt is not a problem for us! Company Expertus over the years their business has developed effective methods to improve recovery after today. Developed experience in the local market (mainly in Jaworzno) caused, that our activities allow for a faster recovery than the standard actions, such […]

  • Recovery of Chorzów

    Chorzów is the most densely populated city in the Upper Silesian Industrial District, is perfectly connected with the region (direct vicinity of Katowice) and the whole country. Rich human resources and large amounts of energy make the town an attractive investment area. Chorzów history is closely bound up with the industry – mainly mining, metallurgy and energy. Today, former pillars of the industry no longer play a leading,pl […]

  • Recovery of Mining oak wood

    Mining oak wood - a city with county rights located in the Basin Dabrowski. The city has a relatively low population density – 660 OS km2. There is a Poland's largest steel mill owned by ArcelorMittal which employs nearly 250 thousand. people worldwide. Further work is betting big Przyjaźń, Huta Banking and Glassworks. […]

  • Debt Zabrze

    Zabrze is a city on the Rights of the county located in the province of Silesia, according to data of the Central Statistical Office, the city is inhabited almost 180 thousand. residents. Zabrze is characterized by well-developed heavy industry – huty i fabryki, mining industry and the manufacture of machinery. The company is recognized Expertus debt collection company offering a comprehensive receivables management services throughout the city of Zabrze and the surrounding area. A company with […]

  • Recovery of Bytom

    For many years, heavy industry was the main pillar of the economy Bytom, worked here until eleven mines and two iron works. To this day,, There is only one mine – Bobrek-Center, and the areas closed plants were put into operation Bytom Industrial Park. Currently, the main area of ​​the economy in which trade is from year to year is becoming a larger share […]

  • Recovery of Sosnowiec

    Sosnowiec - a city with county rights in the southern Polish, in the Basin Dabrowski, in the voivodship. Located in the Silesian Upland, which is part of the Silesian-Cracow Upland, on 3 rivers: Black Przemsza, White Przemszą and Brynica. Sosnowiec is the first in terms of population the city of Zaglebie, Third in the voivodship (the Katowice and Czestochowa). It is one of the centers of the central […]