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  • Miesiąc obsługi prawnej za 1zł

    Often amended and complicated laws make it necessary to give operators legal aid. In order to meet your expectations Expertus Law Firm of the Group entities in respect of their activities has broadly defined legal services. Spółka Expertus podchodzi z pasją do biznesu dlatego przygotowaliśmy specjalną ofertę która oferuje pierwszy miesiąc obsługi prawnej w cenie 1 zł. […]

  • Vindication Zory

    Expertus company conducts debt collection activities in the city Żor. The priority objective of the services provided by our company is to repay the obligations of the debtor in proceedings before a court or before execution. In the course of its activities in the region have completed hundreds of jobs, most of them leading to a positive outcome. Żory is a district town inhabited by more than 60 […]