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  • Wierzymy w skuteczne rozwiązania

    Wierzymy w skuteczne rozwiązania – debt recovery at the expense of the debtor. Dla wielu mniejszych firm, wszelkie dodatkowe koszty, w tym również koszty windykacji, są sporym utrudnieniem. Przedsiębiorcy często spisują dług na straty i rezygnują z dochodzenia pieniędzy od nieuczciwego kontrahenta. Sytuację zmienia obowiązująca od 28 April 2013 roku Ustawa o terminach zapłaty w transakcjach handlowych, according to […]

  • Vindication Wałbrzych

    Wałbrzych is a city located in the south-western part of the Polish, is an important industrial center with a population of 120 thousand. residents. The main branches of the economy here is the automotive industry and ceramics. Historically, the city was a major center for coal mining – worked here until 3 large mines the last of which closed in the mid 90. Wałbrzych is currently registered […]

  • Debt Jarosław

    Jaroslaw city located on the border of two provinces: Lower San Valley and foothills of Rzeszów. Although the character of the town is a typical agricultural – 72% This area of ​​farmland, here there is a special economic zone – Euro-Park Mielec. Works are over 4000 operators, employing a total of over 16 000 people. Near Yaroslavl are up two motorway junctions – Jarosław […]

  • Debt Olsztyn

    Olsztyn is the main economic, educational and cultural in the Warmia and Mazury. The economic development of the city lamented in the second half of the nineteenth century, rapid development of infrastructure and the rapid creation of new jobs meant that within 30 years the population has increased 4-fold. The city is also an important center of communications in the region, Olsztyn lead by three national highways and […]

  • Recovery of boat

    The boat is the capital of the province of Lodz and 3 to the number of inhabitants of a town in Poland. The city is an important center for academic and cultural. The greatest economic significance for the city is the textile industry, development of new technologies, infrastructure development and a rapidly flourishing trade. Work are numerous shopping malls, including Manufacturing – Poland's largest gallery which holds over 260 […]

  • Collection activities

    Expertus company based in Katowice offers a comprehensive collection activities designed to make quick and effective recovery of our clients. Actions taken by our debt collection company in pre rely mostly on: attempt to resolve the matter amicably inform debtors about the negative effects of settlement obligations to debtors directing calls to determine the assets of debtors to pay for documentation needed […]

  • Bankruptcy debtor

    When the court declares bankruptcy your debtor, you need to start working as soon as possible, through which recover all or at least part of their duties. The first step should be reporting the fact to the judge-commissioner, that the debtor is declining owe you money. This operation is called the filing of claims and shall fulfill all the necessary formal requirements. The next step is to turn off pre-occupied property […]