The terms of limitation

It should be remembered, that claim which occurs against a contractor, lapse after a certain time depending on their type

Barred subject only to property claims, i.e., a, which in the first place lead to enlarge or maintain the current financial status of the person entitled. However, the employment relationship shall be subject to the statute of limitations also non-pecuniary claims - Art. 291 k.p.. Exceptionally not barred to claim vindication of Real Estate, but this does not exclude the prescription.

Period of time Presents a claim
Po 6 months
  • taking a loan for an object loan
  • endorsers among themselves and against the exhibitor bill
  • carrier against other carriers
  • forwarder against the carriers and shippers continue
Po 1 year
  • under the warranty for physical defects of things
  • under the warranty for legal defects of things
  • pledgee against the pledger for damages due to the deterioration of the things
  • pledgee against the pledger for reimbursement of expenses incurred on behalf of
  • the seller of the payment of the difference in prices and the buyer a refund of the difference
  • the landlord against the tenant for damages due to damage or deterioration of things
  • tenant against the landlord for reimbursement of expenses in favor of either a refund of overpaid rent
  • lending rearguard and user
  • the contract of carriage of passengers and goods
  • the forwarding contract
  • the storage contract
  • the holder of the promissory note against indosantom and exhibitors
Po 2 years
  • in respect of sales made in the field of business seller
  • interest for delay in payment of the price arising from a contract of sale in the ordinary course of business
  • arising from a contract for work
  • resulting from the bank account
Po 3 years
  • bill of exchange against the merchant bill
  • the payment of interest
  • the insurance contract
Po 10 years
  • confirmed by a final court judgment or ruling of the arbitration court
  • resulting from an agreement concluded before the ordinary courts or arbitration
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