How to save on VAT if the customer does not pay

The obligation to settle the VAT on the sale of goods or services does not depend on whether the customer paid the debts, However, there are a few exceptions. If cooperation with the contractor consisted of the sale of goods, You can withdraw from the contract only if the other party did not pay for the goods received. Prior to the withdrawal, the contractor must appoint additional time to pay, the only exception is the agreement which contained the previously corresponding record, about the lack of payment within.

If the contractor does not regulate claims, You can agree with him Returns and withdrawal. Upon return of the goods by the contractor may be issued corrective invoice which allows to reduce turnover and VAT, for the month in which the return. If the customer has damaged merchandise, it destroyed or consumed, is not entitled to correction of invoices. In such a situation remains the investigation of payment, together with accrued interest for the delay and expenses trial.

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