Purchase of Debt

Outstandings are a common problem among entrepreneurs. Late payments or frozen capital causes a lack of ability to pay, which aggravates the condition of the company, as a consequence, generates a final loss. More and more time and energy spent on the recovery of outstanding debts, and debtors more often do not respect pre-established conditions for cooperation.

Company Expertus help prevent such situations in your company. With the service purchase of receivables we are able to replace your debt for cash. Terms of cooperation are agreed individually, after analyzing your debtor.


Benefits for the Customer:

  • Improving liquidity
  • The risk of insolvency of the debtor transferred to the Company Experuts
  • No need for legal proceedings and enforcement
  • Decrease in provisions made for doubtful receivables
  • The ability to spend time on the current activity of the company
  • Reducing the cost of their own
  • Agreement without recourse

I want to sell debt

Please fill in claims notification form, to report the claim to sell. If you need general information about the purchase of receivables, please contract talks our sales department.