Treasury Debt Collection

The concept of the Treasury is a concept of civil law – This means that it has legal personality and legal proceedings, that is, the right to sue and be learned in their court. In practice, the Treasury is subject to the same laws as any other business entity, is in no way privileged and can not use the public authority for the achievement of their economic or social objectives.

In the case of, when it comes to Damages caused by the release of a specific legal act (or by not issuing such an act) call for payment the claimant was referred to the Minister for the Treasury, which it is obliged to provide to meet. In the case of, when it comes to fulfillment cash benefit, if the enforcement order is not made within two weeks of notification of the above. call a creditor should apply to the court for granting the writ of execution enforceability order to carry out the execution of the relevant bank account of the debtor or an organizational unit of the NBP.

After enforceable, creditor submits to the bailiff enforceable with a request to initiate the execution of the debtor's bank account (execution of the other assets of the unit is inadmissible). Further execution is conducted in accordance with the provisions on the enforcement of bank accounts.

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