Recovery of Legnica

Expertus company comprehensively supports enterprises from Legnica and the surrounding area in terms of financial redress and purchase of receivables. We do not charge advances entrusted to conduct matters and our only reward is the commission of a real recoveries. We provide a comprehensive and complete service commissioned affairs, irrespective of its severity. Our experienced and qualified lawyers and debt collectors is to guarantee prompt recovery of any debts.

Legnica Legnica belongs to the circle copper Głogowski (LGOM) which is one of the largest copper operation centers in the world. For this reason, the largest companies in the city are: Copper Works Legnica, Factory Patelec Elpena winding wires and Pol-Miedz Trans. The city is also the Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals, consisting of 3 copper smelter plant at. Although agricultural land deal 40% the total area of ​​the city that the industry is the main source of income here.