The promissory note – way to secure a contract

The promissory note is a type of personal security or on the order, in which the issuer agrees to unconditionally bill, that another person will promissory note to the recipient pay a certain sum of money (promissory routed) either alone promises, that the recipient pay the amount of the promissory note promissory note (promissory note). This is a convenient method of securing, however, need to have knowledge of how to effectively use it.

A bill of exchange facilitates debt recovery if the debtor fails to pay. With a bill of exchange may seek claims in proceedings by writ, which is the cheapest and best judicial procedure. Order to pay what the outcome of these proceedings obtained a writ of execution – means, that is enforceable immediately with a deadline of performance established order and you can get it enforceable, not waiting for the legitimacy. On this basis, can be carried out execution.

To the bill was important, It must be issued according to the following principles:

  • It must be made in pośmie
  • It must be hand-signed by a person with the ability to bind bills of exchange
  • Promissory note issued by a legal person must include the stamp of
  • In the case of a civil partnership it is good to have the signatures of all the partners
  • Important that the bill had all the elements required by law, bills of exchange
  • The subject of the bill of exchange liability can only be monetary payment
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