Bankruptcy debtor

When the court declares bankruptcy your debtor, you need to start working as soon as possible, through which recover all or at least part of their duties. The first step should be reporting the fact to the judge-commissioner, that the debtor is declining owe you money. This operation is called the filing of claims and shall fulfill all the necessary formal requirements. The next step is to turn off pre-occupied property whether movable, property or property rights of the bankruptcy estate. The last step is to check whether the notified claim was considered and is listed debt.

If your claim will be effectively considered in the list, This will get more powers in bankruptcy proceedings:

  • with the possibility of an arrangement – you will be entitled to vote in the vote on the adoption of the. Earlier, you will be notified of the meeting of creditors convened for this purpose and you will be delivered proposals systemic. You will then be able to consider, whether the conclusion of the system is cost-effective for you, whether the proposals are realistic arrangement to be completed by the bankrupt debtor
  • including liquidation of assets – will be able to participate in the distribution of the bankruptcy estate funds

If you question the division of, you will be able, within two weeks from the date of the notice to bring charges against the distribution plan.

After the approval of the division shall be promptly performed and the trustee seem like the amount due or poured it into the designated bank account.

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