Redemption of Debt

We buy debts from business transactions or other documented sources (loan agreement, sale and purchase agreement, etc.). Terms individual transactions are agreed individually, depending on the condition characterized by a particular claim. The decision to purchase the debts we give of 48 hours, and cash, you can not even get the date of signing the agreement. We guarantee that you will not find a better deal – we pay most!

Sales of debt is a good alternative for recovery – especially for companies, who need a quick injection of cash needed to maintain liquidity. Also, for those entities, they can obtain higher profits from the rapid turnover of funds. The purchase price of receivables is proportional to the expected time and opportunity to recover the debt, if the estimated risk recover the debt is higher – This lower price we can offer.

I want to sell debt

Please fill in claims notification form, to report the claim to sell. If you need general information about the purchase of receivables, please contract talks our sales department.


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