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  • Vindication Zory

    Expertus company conducts debt collection activities in the city Żor. The priority objective of the services provided by our company is to repay the obligations of the debtor in proceedings before a court or before execution. In the course of its activities in the region have completed hundreds of jobs, most of them leading to a positive outcome. Żory is a district town inhabited by more than 60 […]

  • Recovery of Kłodzko

    Kłodzko county is the largest city – historical capital of the county Kłodzki. The town is inhabited almost 30 thousand. the inhabitants of which 6 thousand. are employed in the service sector. Kłodzka industrial situation does not present itself in a good light, unemployment is one of the highest and reaches up to 24%. The city serves as the administrative center of the local, Financial, educational and health center […]

  • Vindication Wałbrzych

    Wałbrzych is a city located in the south-western part of the Polish, is an important industrial center with a population of 120 thousand. residents. The main branches of the economy here is the automotive industry and ceramics. Historically, the city was a major center for coal mining – worked here until 3 large mines the last of which closed in the mid 90. Wałbrzych is currently registered […]

  • Recovery of Legnica

    Expertus company comprehensively supports enterprises from Legnica and the surrounding area in terms of financial redress and purchase of receivables. We do not charge advances entrusted to conduct matters and our only reward is the commission of a real recoveries. We provide a comprehensive and complete service commissioned affairs, irrespective of its severity. Nasza doświadczona i wykwalifikowana kadra prawników oraz windykatorów […]