Recovery of Sosnowiec

Sosnowiec - a city with county rights in the southern Polish, in the Basin Dabrowski, in the voivodship. Located in the Silesian Upland, which is part of the Silesian-Cracow Upland, on 3 rivers: Black Przemsza, White Przemszą and Brynica. Sosnowiec is the first in terms of population the city of Zaglebie, Third in the voivodship (the Katowice and Czestochowa). It is one of the centers of the central agglomeration of Silesian. Whereas such a large population, You can be expected, that entrepreneurship is growing Sosnowiecka. The larger the enterprise the more intensive economic turnover, therefore more opportunities, to shake it.

Company Expertus because of its long experience and knowledge of the local market, not only of Sosnowiec and the surrounding area, can offer you effective debt collection activities and assistance in developing competencies to care for the correct liquidity. Besides debt collection, Expertus company engaged in the broad debt management, including redemption of debt, monitoring receivables, prevention measures, Assisted enforcement officers, e.t.c. With skilled staff can also boast of the effectiveness of actions, as in the case of arrears is extremely important.