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  • Debt Jaslo

    Jasło is a small county town in the south-eastern part of the Polish, lying at the intersection of the rivers Wisłoka, Petroleum and Jasiolka. Jasło is the capital of Polish winemaking (held every year here International Days of wine) and the main point on the map of Wine paths Podkarpackie, which can be followed using the rapidly growing equestrian tourism. The city has until 3 large investment areas […]

  • Recovery of Rzeszow

    We welcome all companies from Rzeszow to permanent cooperation involving not only ordering the recovery of individual cases, but also for monitoring receivables and supporting the activities of the company from the legal. Spółka Expertus, in addition to the recovery orders is also involved in buying debt. Repurchases of receivables not past due, arising from invoices, Agreements, accounts, ugód itd. We are interested only undisputed claims, […]

  • Redemption of Debt

    We buy debts from business transactions or other documented sources (loan agreement, sale and purchase agreement, etc.). Terms individual transactions are agreed individually, depending on the condition characterized by a particular claim. The decision to buy the debts we give to 48 hours, and cash, you can not even get the date of signing the agreement. We guarantee that you will not find a better deal – pay […]