Regional Debt

  • Recovery of boat

    The boat is the capital of the province of Lodz and 3 to the number of inhabitants of a town in Poland. The city is an important center for academic and cultural. The greatest economic significance for the city is the textile industry, development of new technologies, infrastructure development and a rapidly flourishing trade. Work are numerous shopping malls, including Manufacturing – Poland's largest gallery which holds over 260 […]

  • Recovery of Kielce

    Kielce is the capital of the province of Swietokrzyskie, the city is the regional economic center, scientific and exhibition and trade fair. Well-developed industry is due to the exploitation of rich natural resources, including iron ore, Copper, lead and marble and sandstone. The city is the second largest exhibition center in Poland, in this respect is second only to Poznań. In recent years, very intensively developed here trade […]

  • Recovery of Sosnowiec

    Sosnowiec - a city with county rights in the southern Polish, in the Basin Dabrowski, in the voivodship. Located in the Silesian Upland, which is part of the Silesian-Cracow Upland, on 3 rivers: Black Przemsza, White Przemszą and Brynica. Sosnowiec is the first in terms of population the city of Zaglebie, Third in the voivodship (the Katowice and Czestochowa). It is one of the centers of the central […]

  • Recovery of Czestochowa

    Czestochowa dynamically developed from the beginning of the fourteenth century, thanks to its location on the route between Malopolska and Wielkopolska. From the Middle Ages the area was rich in Częstochowa iron ore, which greatly influenced the development of the industry. Currently Czestochowa is the third largest economic center in the province of Silesia. The city has about 26 thousands of companies, a w 2007 year […]

  • Recovery of Bielsko-Biala

    According to the latest research, every tenth entrepreneur from the vicinity of Bielsko-Biala struggling with recovery of its receivables from debtors. The process of recovery is not easy, debtor often avoids contact, not receiving correspondence and telephone. Expertus company meets the expectations of companies from Bielsko-Biala, offering a range of debt collection services. We have appropriate qualifications, We guarantee the highest quality of services while maintaining a prestigious image […]

  • Recovery of Rybnik

    Rybnik is an important economic center in Silesia, in the city has registered about 13 thousand. operators. Among the large number of traders and transactions between them may be delays in payment. Unpaid invoices make, that companies lose liquidity, beginning to spread to other companies and wsutek this creates a whole chain of financial arrears. Company Expertus out […]

  • Recovery of Opole

    Expertus company for a long time has a solid position in the market for debt collection services Opole. Based on trust, which showed us the entrepreneur from Opole, We are convinced that the establishment of cooperation can bring real benefits, which will improve the financial condition of the company. Our many years of experience guarantee fast and efficient troubleshooting, regardless of the severity of the case, amount of the claim, degree and […]

  • Recovery of Krakow

    Krakow is 3 the largest economic center in Poland. In the city of Krak over 285 thousand. operators is established. A large number of entrepreneurs makes, that increases the chance of encounters with unreliable contractors and to cooperate with such entities often storm the financial stability of the company. Spółka Expertus oferuje usługi windykacyjne i prawne na terenie miasta Krakowa. Dobra znajomość lokalnego […]