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  • Recovery of boat

    The boat is the capital of the province of Lodz and 3 to the number of inhabitants of a town in Poland. The city is an important center for academic and cultural. The greatest economic significance for the city is the textile industry, development of new technologies, infrastructure development and a rapidly flourishing trade. Work are numerous shopping malls, including Manufacturing – Poland's largest gallery which holds over 260 […]

  • The terms of limitation

    It should be remembered, that claim which occurs against a contractor, przedawniają się po upływie pewnego czasu w zależności od ich rodzaju Przedawnieniu podlegają wyłącznie roszczenia majątkowe, i.e., a, which in the first place lead to enlarge or maintain the current financial status of the person entitled. However, the employment relationship shall be subject to the statute of limitations also non-pecuniary claims - Art. […]