Recovery of Wroclaw

Sp z tests o.o. specializes in recovery from traders and individuals from Wroclaw. We are a comprehensive collection activities, or at different stages of the recovery process. Customers entrusts us to make debt collection services, nie ponoszą żadnych opłat wstępnych ani abonamentowych, and our remuneration commission money recovered, or commodity. Most of the cases we handle entrusted to us still at the stage of amicable collection, Such activities are based on multi-channel contact with the debtor: contact listowny, phone, Direct mail and visits.

In the case of, when they fail amicable ways to recover debts Expertus recovers receivables in court. The company performs all activities related to the preparation of formal legal documentation necessary to initiate the process and provides the customer representation of the process until the payment order and writ of execution, ending litigation.

The effectiveness of our actions can confirm many of Wroclaw companies and enterprises. Our years of experience and highly qualified and experienced staff allow you to provide a comprehensive service at the highest level.