Debt Purchase

  1. Purchase of receivables

In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, oferujemy Państwu usługę zakupu wierzytelności wraz ze związanymi z nimi prawami.

In connection with the acquisition by the debtor's solvency risk we reserve the right to limit the offer only to certain claims. Debt Purchase self-employed under a contract of assignment can only refer to uncontested claims. The purchase price is determined from the creditor individually, after analyzing the financial position of the debtor.


Benefits for the Customer:

  • Improving liquidity
  • Ryzyko wypłacalności dłużnika przechodzi na nowego wierzyciela
  • No need for legal proceedings and enforcement
  • Closing the analytical accounts
  • Decrease in provisions made for doubtful receivables
  • Reducing the cost of their own